Cary 1st Ward Parenting Course

A Video Explaining the Teaching-Family Model:

This parenting course is based on the website, which is also referenced on the Church’s website:  

Go to which is the Church’s website.  

Then hit the link “9 Parenting Lessons >” which will take you to the website for

Testimonials of the Power of the Teaching-Family Model.

These are videos created by Utah Youth Village to highlight the power of the Teaching-Family Model through some of its programs – mainly Families First. Families First uses a specialist who spends around 5-10 hours a week with a family in their home for about 12 weeks, usually to help the parents keep the kids from being removed by the State or the Juvenile Court. This is service is provided for free each year for 40-80 families. 

These videos were created to help Utah Youth Village raise donations to support its programs. Please forgive the pitches for money and pay attention to the parent’s hard work and the amazing changes in the kids’ lives:


The Hudsons:


Meet the Andersons:


Meet the Andersons:

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